Play World Cricket Flash Online Game

“World Cricket” is a Flash Online Cricket Game which features both Batting and Bowling.

You can play this game with Keyboard.

Batting Istructions :

  • Use the A/D Keys to move the batsmen.
  • Use the directional arrow keys to hit the ball in respective directions.
  • Some shots require one key while some others require a combination of two keys.
  • Timing is the key to score runs. Wait for the ball to bounce before you play the shot.

Bowling Instructions :

  • Use the A/D keys to switch the bowling sides.
  • Use the directional arrow keys to position your bowling marker.
  • Press Spacebar key to lock marker at desired position.
  • Once the bowler starts to run it, use the directional arrow keys to adjust the swing of the delivery. Remember you have a limited amount of time to do so.

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